Our New York City Tummy Tuck & Abdominoplasty NY Surgeons Discuss Plastic Surgery for MenTummy tucks aren’t just for the ladies anymore. Lots of men are taking advantage of this body-altering procedure used to treat protruding stomachs and extra fat pockets in the abdominal region.

As men age, their midsection can be more difficult to maintain. Fat can redistribute to the abdominal region; for many men, diet and exercise is no longer enough to keep the weight off.

On our centers, we provide expert procedures that give patients a more youthful and physically fit appearance.

Are Tummy Tucks for Men Different than for Women?

Men’s bodies are very different from a female’s body, so of course the surgical procedure is going to vary. A tummy tuck is basically a body-contouring procedure.

Therefore, our doctors are trying to achieve a completely different body aesthetic for you than they would for your girlfriend or wife.

Incision Facts

At our centers, we want you to be well-informed about how a tummy tuck is done so you know what to expect before and after tummy tuck surgery. Abdominoplasty for men is typically performed under local and sedation or general anesthesia.

An incision will be made across your lower abdomen running from hip to hip. A second round cut will be made to reposition your navel. Our surgeons will then tighten the ab muscles and remove excess skin and fat to give your stomach a flatter, more toned look.

Mini tummy tucks (partial abdominoplasty) involve smaller incisions and no repositioning of the navel. Your skin will not be removed during this procedure and scarring is very minimal. Mini tummy tuck recovery time is also much quicker than that of a full tummy tuck.

Meet with our Abdominoplasty Surgeons

Before you decide on getting a tummy tuck procedure, it is important to make a consultation with one of our doctors. You can ask them questions and have them address concerns you might have.

This will help you gain knowledge about the procedure. Our doctors will do their best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you are a man contemplating a full or mini tummy tuck procedure, then give our offices a call. Abdominoplasty can be a life-changing plastic surgery for men procedure and can boost your self-esteem and body-image.

So, if you are ready for a new and improved version of yourself, call our NY abdominoplasty offices today at 212.206.0023 (Manhattan NYC) or 631.499.1831 (Commack, Long Island).