Scar Reduction Tips for our Tummy Tuck NYC & Long Island Patients

Scar Reduction Tips for our Tummy Tuck NYC & Long Island PatientsOur patients say that undergoing a tummy tuck in NY is an exhilarating experience after which they feel much better about their bodies.

Initially, however, many potential NY tummy tuck patients worry a bit about the scarring that goes hand-in-hand with a surgical procedure.

Especially because the area undergoing abdominal skin removal is one that may be visible in certain scenarios, the question of scarring is a good one to ask about before treatment.

Scars are Unique to Each Patient

Every patient may experience something different in terms of scarring, a necessary part of the overall results of abdominal skin removal.  After a tummy tuck, patience is a necessity, as scars will heal at their own pace, not some timeline we might like to set for them.

Some of our patients find that their scars are very light and minimal, where other patients’ bodies take longer, some even producing a darker scar than others.

One Year After Surgery in our NY Tummy Tuck Centers

In the first year following abdominal skin removal, scars will be most prevalent, and may even appear to look worse before they look better.  The first key in getting through the scarring issue is the understanding that your body is not like anyone else’s.  Looking at your toned abdomen, you can remember that scars are easily hidden under clothing or even a bikini, and that it is the overall look of your tummy that is dramatically improved.

Promoting Healthy Healing after Abdominal Skin Removal

In many of our procedures, the navel is repositioned after skin and muscles are tightened.  Hence, scarring may be noticeable both around the navel and also from hip to hip at the lower abdomen.

To encourage optimal healing, it is vital that our patients follow post operative instructions, to include wearing compression garments to minimize swelling, and to keep the incision from scabbing as it heals.

Following surgery, there is a time of rest that is needed in order to promote healthy skin and muscle tone.  Take this time, not pushing yourself to resume normal activities before you are ready to do so without complication.

Tips for Optimal Healing

After abdominal skin removal in a tummy tuck, there are steps you can take in addition to following post-op instructions, including:

  • Do not smoke or use nicotine products, as the chemicals contained therein can hold up the healing process and actually make scarring appear worse.
  • After being cleared by your surgeon, pamper skin with naturally healing substances such as aloe vera and cocoa butter.  Massaging these substances, or olive or coconut oil, into the skin promotes the healing of scars.
  • Promote healing from the inside out with professional massage, which increases blood flow after abdominal skin removal.
  • Consume nutritious foods that strengthen the body, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.

A Tummy Tuck in NY is Affordable in Our Centers

Through a tummy tuck and abdominal skin removal, you can regain the kind of contours that you love.  With post op tummy tuck care that you can easily do at home, the worry over scarring can be greatly minimized.

Contact us for a free consultation in Long Island or New York City to discover what abdominal skin removal through the tummy tuck procedure can do for you.

*The information on this page is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your doctor for any health related concerns and before starting a new diet or exercise program. There may be additional instructions and warnings for the procedure you have had done. Please be sure to get this complete list from our staff and do not rely solely on the information provided on this page.