Pain Management After a Tummy Tuck

Pain Management for our Abdominoplasty New York & Tummy Tuck NYC Patients tummy tuck NYC, abdominoplasty New YorkAt Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island specialists are often asked about the amount of pain following abdominoplasty.

In fact, many of our patients who had a tummy tuck in NY express concerns because they have heard that the tummy tuck is a very painful procedure. In truth, pain and discomfort following surgery can be managed so that it is well tolerated.

What to Expect After Surgery in Our Centers After a Tummy Tuck in NY

The tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure involving abdominal skin removal and often muscle plication that is commonly performed with general anesthesia. While discomfort can last for one to two weeks, the greatest discomfort tends to occur within the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours. After that, abdominoplasty recovery is much easier.

Patients should be sure to take their pain medication as prescribed by our surgeons who perform tummy tuck in NY surgeons as this will help to keep pain in check and tolerable. To avoid nausea, medication can be taken with a bit of food such as crackers or toast rather than on an empty stomach.

Our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island patients are also advised to wear compression garments for a period of time after surgery. These garments provide support to the abdominal area which not only helps to minimize swelling after tummy tuck but will also ease pain.

Drains are inserted at the incisions sites and while some patients find these uncomfortable they are removed within one to two weeks. In addition, tightening of the abdominal muscles can lead to more discomfort.

Our Tummy Tuck NYC Patients Need to Care During their Abdominoplasty Recovery

Overdoing it too soon after surgery can make pain worse so be sure to take it easy. Many patients find that they are able to return to light activity after just one week.

Keep in mind, however, that combining the tummy tuck with other procedures like breast augmentation or liposuction may lengthen the abdominoplasty recovery.

Our specialists who perform tummy tuck in NY for our patients are experts in the field of abdominoplasty, providing patients with exceptional results. Our patients enjoy their firmer, flatter tummies and find the results to be well worth the tummy tuck recovery.

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