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Tummy Tuck – Before And After Pictures

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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) – Our surgeons have performed hundreds of surgeries at our AAAHC accredited abdominoplasty surgery centers in Long Island, New York. And it’s not surprising why when you see the results…

The most commonly asked question we get from our Tummy Tuck surgery patients is “Will I be happy with the surgery results?” …and the answer is always a confident, “Absolutely!”

Even with some post-surgical swelling, patients are still amazed to see the huge impact the surgery makes on their appearance. Take a look at what our other patients have to say and see their results.


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FAQ Tummy Tuck – Your Questions Answered

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1. What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, or abdominalplasty is a surgical procedure that includes fat and abdominal skin removal from the abdomen as well as tightening up the abdominal muscles.

A mini tummy tuck, or partial tummy tuck, involves removal of just the excess skin and fat while a full tummy tuck procedure also addresses loose or separated abdominal muscles.

The decision to perform either a mini or full tummy tuck depends upon each patient’s individual situation and the degree of correction that needs to be done. Both procedures are designed to specifically correct a flabby belly that is protruding.

Most abdominoplasty procedures are done under general anesthesia, though whenever possible, our surgeons perform the procedure using local anesthesia and light sedation. This reduces the risk to the patient as well as lowering their cost.

2. How do I know if I need a tummy tuck?

For patients who have had children or who have lost a great deal of weight, the stomach muscles can become separated and loose while extra fat and skin remain (and usually hang) on the abdominal area.

A tummy tuck after weight loss is ideal for patients where exercise and diet have not been able to produce a completely flat tummy. No degree of exercise or dieting can correct loose skin; abdominal skin removal must be done via surgery.

However, in some cases where only minor excess remains on the tummy, Smartlipo abdominal liposuction may be a viable alternative to a full tummy tuck. Our surgeon will advise you about your individual case and recommend the best procedure to help you achieve the body you want.

3. Will my tummy tuck results be permanent?

Yes, so long as you maintain your weight, your tummy tuck results will be permanent. Of course, for a patient who gains weight, the skin and muscles can become stretched out again. For women of childbearing age, plastic surgery for moms should be done after they are finished having children.

4. Should I get a tummy tuck?

If you plan to have more children or if you are 30 or more pounds above your ideal weight, then it is a good idea to wait for a tummy tuck. You don’t want to spend the money on a surgery that would need to be re-done in the future, so please postpone your tummy tuck until you are sure that you are done having children and that you are at a stable weight for 6 months or longer.

5. How quickly will I see tummy tuck results?

A tummy tuck produces an instantly flat belly because the extra skin, fat and loose muscles have been corrected. Patients can expect to have swelling after tummy tuck for about 4-6 weeks with full resolution of swelling by about 6 months post-surgery.

6. How bad will my tummy tuck pain be after surgery?

Tummy tuck pain is substantial for the first two weeks or so post-surgery. We help patients with pain management by providing prescription painkillers and a compression garment to help reduce discomfort during this time.

After the first two weeks, generally patients manage their minor discomfort with over the counter Tylenol.

7. When can I work out again?

Strenuous exercise is strictly prohibited for the first month to 6 weeks, depending upon how well you are healing.

We do recommend that patients walk around a little bit on the evening of their surgery and increase activity mildly as they feel more comfortable.

Light to moderate activity such as walking or stationary biking is acceptable as soon as our surgeon clears you to do so (which could be as soon as two weeks post op tummy tuck).

8. What will my tummy tuck scar look like?

The tummy tuck incision is discreetly placed near the pubic bone to help hide it underneath your panty or bikini line. Your tummy tuck scar will be red at first and then fade to purple and finally to a pink or flesh-colored tone.

It takes the body two full years to lay down the collagen in a scar and to flatten it down, so remember to be patient as your body is working hard to help your tummy tuck scar look its best!

9. How long does getting a tummy tuck take?

Getting a tummy tuck can take anywhere from one to three hours depending upon the extent of correction being done to the area (mini tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty) as well as whether or not abdominal liposuction is also being performed.




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