Hernia Repair During Surgery with our Tummy Tuck NYC and Long Island Surgeons

Tummy tuck New York City and abdominoplasty NY surgeons discuss doing hernia repair during this procedure.Quite often, cosmetic surgeons combine a few different procedures at once when treating patients. In our tummy tuck New York City or Long Island practices, for instance, some patients may receive abdominal liposuction before their muscles and skin are tightened, as a part of a Mommy Makeover or body contouring procedure.

Similarly, there are times when patients visit our abdominoplasty NY practices with the desire to enhance their physique while also correcting the physical issue of an umbilical hernia.

An umbilical hernia is a condition involving the abdominal wall, which can be quite uncomfortable. The condition may arise through some sort of physical trauma, or as a result of excessive weight, strain, or pregnancy.

Physically, there is an opening that occurs in a weak spot in the abdominal wall, often around the belly button. In some instances, part of the intestine protrudes from the opening, which causes pain during certain activities or in certain positions.

In rare cases, the intestines can even become lodged in the abdominal wall, raising the need for emergency surgery to release it before the bowel dies.

On the other hand, some of our abdominoplasty NY surgeons have not discovered an umbilical hernia until the abdominal wall was revealed during a tummy tuck.

During treatment by our tummy tuck New York City and Long Island surgeons, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team addresses not only the skin, but also the underlying muscles as a way to create a tight, smooth stomach. If, in some instances, a small hernia was detected prior to surgery or is visualized during the tummy tuck procedure, the hole in the abdominal wall can be closed.

In the case of a severe hernia, it may be necessary to consult with a general surgeon for adequate closure and correction. As always, following the tightening of muscle and skin, the navel may be repositioned as necessary and incisions closed with sutures.

Insurance for Hernia Repair in our Abdominoplasty Long Island and NYC Centers

Dealing with insurance companies becomes an option when a hernia is discovered, as the repair of such a condition may be open for coverage through reimbursement. For patients who are aware of an umbilical hernia before treatment begins, their insurance company can be notified ahead of time so that reimbursement may be approved ahead of time and will occur promptly.

Should the hernia be discovered and repaired during an already-scheduled cosmetic procedure in our tummy tuck New York City facility, however, in some cases it may be possible to request reimbursement for part of the procedure after the fact.

This is no guarantee of insurance coverage for this condition and patients should note that we require full cash (or credit) payment for procedures upfront. Any insurance reimbursement must be handle between patient and insurance carrier. We will provide patients with any documentation they need to support their insurance claim.

Physical Status Prior to Surgery in our Abdominoplasty Long Island or NYC Centers

Due to the nature of both an umbilical hernia repair and the tummy tuck procedure, it is recommended that patients reach a healthy body weight that is within twenty five pounds of what is ideal based on body mass, factoring in your height.

Weight becomes important only for the achievement of optimal results from either procedure. Should a patient be more than twenty five pounds over their ideal weight, it is possible that their tummy tuck may not produce an optimal appearance for the patient than if they weighed less by the time they had surgery.

Having a hernia does not preclude anyone from realizing their aesthetic goals through the tummy tuck procedure. To discuss your options for a flat and sexy belly, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today for a free consultation in Manhattan or Long Island.