During a tummy tuck procedure, a patient will have excess skin and fatty tissue removed and also have their abdominal muscles tightened to create a flatter abdominal area.

To help speed up the recovery process, stay as comfortable as possible and avoid the risk of complications, patients need to know proper aftercare methods.

Surgical Bandages and Drains

Post op tummy tuck, you will have surgical drains that are inserted into the incision so that blood and fluid do not build up in between your skin and abdominal muscles. Drainage will help speed up the healing process. If the fluid draining from you is reddish in color or smells putrid, it is important to contact your doctor right away.

Your incisions will be bandaged after your procedure and a compression garment will be used to improve your blood circulation and support your abdomen. It is recommended that you wear this for a month.Tummy Tuck Aftercare

Proper Medications

It is normal to experience swelling and discomfort after your tummy tuck procedure. Your surgeon will prescribe medications to help ease your pain, as well as antibiotics to prevent infection, anti-nausea drugs and intravenous fluids. It is critical that you follow your surgeon’s medication directions so that you can speed up your recovery time and prevent any risks.

Resuming Your Daily Activities

It is recommended that you take it easy for the first couple of weeks after your surgery. Start taking very short walks as soon as possible so that you can help to prevent blood clotting and other problems.

After about two to four weeks, you can then return to work. But avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities including intense exercising. Again, always ask your doctor before venturing into uncharted post-op territory.

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*There may be additional instructions and warnings for the procedure you have had done. Please be sure to get this complete list from our staff and do not rely solely on the information provided on this page.