As with any celebrity, Kate Middleton’s choices on how to portray herself during her pregnancy and after childbirth have been subject to a great deal of comment in the last year.

While most celebrity mothers these days try to de-emphasize any signs of the post-baby body, Kate has been congratulated for stepping out to meet the press just a day after giving birth–showing off her beautiful new son and her post-pregnancy belly.

She wore a simple dress that made no attempt to hide the lingering tummy, which Daily Beast correspondent Tom Skyes has said is, “a step toward breaking the last taboos of pregnancy.”

A Normal Post-Pregnancy Belly

The Duchess of Cambridge Debuts New Prince and Her Post-Baby Figure 2While most celebrities would have us believe their tummies miraculously bounced back from pregnancy immediately, this is not how a woman’s body usually behaves after giving birth.

Typically, a woman will still appear pregnant for a few weeks, and it can take up to a year or more to rebound to pre-pregnancy shape.

Unfortunately, sometimes loose skin and separated abdominal muscles can keep a woman from ever regaining her former figure.

While women should never be ashamed of their post-pregnancy bodies, those in the public eye often make it seem like anything less than getting their flat belly back immediately is unacceptable.

Plastic Surgery for the Right Reasons

Kate Middleton hasn’t given in to peer pressure or hidden from the world while her body begins to revert. Unfortunately, some women’s bodies never fully recover. If you’re not comfortable with your post-baby body and are considering plastic surgery, make sure you are doing it for yourself and not to please anyone else.

Going with Your Instincts

We’re all different and unique. After having a baby, everyone’s body responds in an individual way; some may not be able to bounce back from pregnancy completely. If you’re interested in a tummy tuck to resolve loose skin and abdominal muscles, you should wait until you are done having children and your body has had enough time to recover from pregnancy.

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