Scarless Surgery Techniques

For the thousands who decide to get a tummy tuck each year, there is a small issue of excess fat that can lead to problems which seem paramount.

Women who have experienced a pregnancy in which the tummy was significantly stretched, or individuals who have gained and lost a great deal of weight can attest to the emotional turmoil that may result from the physical residue of having been at such a weight.

Surgeons Performing Your Tummy Tuck in NY Discuss Scarless Surgery TechniquesGetting a tummy tuck may provide a return to a smooth mid-section and a regaining of confidence. Today, there is more than just a small buzz around the idea of a scarless tummy tuck!

It’s All in the Technique

The main purpose of a tummy tuck is to address a stubborn area of fat and extra skin that does not respond to diet and exercise, which is quite common.

This procedure can tighten not only skin that may have become saggy over time, but can also tighten the abdominal muscles that serve as the foundation for a flat stomach.

When this procedure is performed, it is our priority to place incisions in an area where they are easily hidden by clothing, as we understand that the entire purpose of cosmetic treatments is to enhance the overall appearance of the body.  Typically, an incision is made below the bikini line, running from hip to hip.

Considerations for Patients Undergoing Tummy Tuck

Every patient who visits our offices for a consultation is treated as the individual he or she is.  This is the only way you are assured to receive the kind of results you seek. How the tummy tuck procedure is performed will be determined by the patient’s specific needs.  However, a tummy tuck, whether mini or full, does require incisions for the removal of fat and skin.

Therefore, the fact of the matter is that a “scarless tummy tuck” is more of a marketing term than reality.

Understanding the Scarless Tummy Tuck

When cosmetic surgeons refer to a scarless tummy tuck, what they may be referring to is the mini tummy tuck, which is ideal in some cases.  A mini tummy tuck is can be performed with local anesthesia under sedation, rather than with general anesthesia.

As the name implies, mini tummy tucks treat only a portion of the stomach.   Rather than including the area around and above the navel, a mini tummy tuck focuses only on the area between the incision and the navel – the lower abdomen.

Since a smaller area is being treated, a smaller tummy tuck incision may be possible, leading to the term scarless tummy tuck.

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With abdominoplasty, our goal is to give you overall amazing results for both men and women.  While scars are indeed important to address, they are only a part of the big picture.

To learn more about your options for abdominoplasty, contact us today for your free consultation!

*Tummy tuck surgery done by our skilled surgeons is not a scarless procedure. An incision, and resulting scar(s), will be a post-op reality for our patients.