Tummy Tuck after Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgery in our Abdominoplasty NY City Centers

Significant weight loss, whether through diet and exercise or after bariatric weight loss surgery is often cause for celebration.

Our Abdominoplasty NY and Tummy Tuck New York City Surgeons Perform Tummy Tuck after Bariatric Weight Loss abdominoplasty NY, tummy tuck New York CityHowever, many of the abdominoplasty NY patients at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York have found that they’re plagued with loose or sagging excess skin after significant weight loss, particularly in the tummy.

This can be very disappointing given the amount of effort required to lose weight, but there is a solution – tummy tuck after weight loss.

Our tummy tuck New York City and Long Island surgeons are experts in abdominoplasty skin removal and they can restore a smoother, firmer, flatter tummy following significant weight loss.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Surgery in Our Tummy Tuck New York City Centers?

If you’ve lost significant weight, you may be surprised to find that you don’t have better shape and tone in your abdomen.  In fact, many of our tummy tuck New York City patients have found the tummy to be one of the toughest areas to tone and very resistant to diet and exercise.

Our abdominoplasty NY specialists perform the tummy tuck, technically known as abdominoplasty, to improve the shape and tone of the abdomen through making the tummy tuck incision and proceeding with abdominal skin removal and tightening of loosened abdominal muscles.

While ideal for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss or weight fluctuations, the tummy tuck can also be helpful following pregnancy or c-section surgery.

As with any surgery, patients should be in good health and they should be realistic in their goals.

Undergoing Surgery at Our Tummy Tuck New York City Centers

Our abdominoplasty NY surgeons usually perform the tummy tuck with general anesthesia or with local anesthesia and sedation.

The incision is located between the hipbones in the pubic area, and a second incision is made around the navel. Mini tummy tuck procedures involve shorter incisions and smaller tummy tuck scars.

Excess fat and skin are removed, the muscles are tightened, and the belly button is relocated. The result is a firmer, flatter, smoother abdomen that better matches your trimmer new figure.

The tummy tuck may be performed with liposuction or other body contouring procedures like the body lift, Mommy Make Over, arm lift, thigh lift or breast lift.

However, keep in mind that combining procedures may result in a longer post op tummy tuck recovery with increased swelling after tummy tuck.

To learn more about tummy tuck after weight loss or to schedule a complimentary consultation at our tummy tuck New York City or Long Island centers, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today.

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