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More Male Plastic Surgery Being Done by Our Abdominoplasty New York City, NY surgeons. Free consultation, call today.The tummy tuck, technically known as abdominoplasty, is a very popular plastic surgery procedure today. Many consider this to be mainly for women, particularly following pregnancy and childbirth, but men do get tummy tucks too.

In fact, at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our abdominoplasty NY specialists have seen an increasing number of male patients in New York City and Long Island.

Male Tummy Tucks are on the Rise

Just as with women, plastic surgery for male patients can improve the appearance of a protruding abdomen by restoring a younger, healthier, slimmer look to the tummy. Many men complain of having a “spare tire” or “pot belly”.

Our abdominoplasty NY doctors remove excess fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen and tighten loose abdominal muscles if necessary. Tummy tucks are an excellent choice for men who have excess fat and/or skin in the abdomen that has proven resistant to diet and exercise.

Tummy tuck after weight loss is also very beneficial for male patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, whether through diet and exercise or bariatric weight loss surgery, and are left with loose or sagging skin.

Understanding the Male Tummy Tuck

Male patients may be candidates for either a full tummy tuck or partial (mini) tummy tuck. For men with weakened abdominal muscles and an excess of loose abdominal skin, the full tummy tuck is usually indicated. With help from a general surgeon, a hernia can often times be repairs during abdominoplasty.

The mini tummy tuck is generally reserved for those with less extensive loose skin below the belly button. General anesthesia is commonly used and the surgery may take anywhere from two to five hours for a full tummy tuck or one to two hours for a mini tummy tuck.

The full tummy tuck incision is located just above the pubic area between the hipbones, with a second incision made around navel. The mini tummy tuck has only the incision above the pubic area and it is typically shorter.

Some discomfort, bruising, and swelling after tummy tuck surgery can be expected. Most men find that they can return to work within seven to ten days or sooner if they’ve undergone a mini tummy tuck.

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If you would like to learn more about tummy tucks for men with our abdominoplasty NY specialists, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today. We have two convenient locations, including our New York City and Long Island offices.

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