Even though summer is officially over, many people still want to look slender and sexy throughout the year. While you are working off the calories at the gym and eating healthy, you can appear more slender with the help of the right clothing.

For those who want to fake it ‘til they make it, fashion can definitely make you look fitter!

Avoid Wearing Baggy Clothes

If you are feeling embarrassed about a bulge around your waist, you may want to dress yourself in baggy clothes. This only worsens the situation by making the belly appear larger than it actually is.

In order to look slimmer, wear clothing that appropriately fits your body. The same applies for overly tight clothing. A tight shirt can over-exaggerate a pudgy stomach.

Flaunt Your Best Features

NYC tummy tuck and abdominoplasty Long Island surgeons discusses how to look slimmer using fashion for your figure.In order to draw attention away from the tummy, use clothing to play up your best features. Try a low cut shirt with a pop of color in a camisole that will accentuate your bust. Or, a flowing skirt with a side-slit that shows off your legs.

When you’re feeling great about another area of your body, you have to worry so much about your trouble spots. And how about shoes? Every girl needs some fabulous shoes that make her feel on top of the world.

Avoid Lines and Light Colors

Horizontal lines can make your midsection look bigger than you actually are. Light shaded clothing can do the same thing as well.

In order to disguise your stomach, wear dark-colored clothing including blacks, purples, blues and other deep colors. Vertical lines are great for creating the illusion that you’re thinner. If you feel like wearing a solid colored top, choose one with rouching or an empire waist that cleverly disguises the tummy and draws attention to the waist instead.

Accessories and Hair

Accessories can be a girl’s best friend when it comes to making you look thinner. Play up a cute outfit with big earrings or a dramatic necklace. This draws the eyes away from your middle and up to the face.

Hair styles can accomplish the same thing. Try wearing a sleek up-do or adding layers to make your face look thinner or add golden highlights around your face to brighten it up.

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