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Secrets to Revealing Your Best Self

Get a Tummy Tuck in NY and You May Discover the Best You. Call Our Tummy Tuck NYC Center Today!Mothers are beautiful; there is no doubt about it.  We witness it frequently in our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island practices.

The love they have for their families is easily seen in their eyes, through their smiles.  We live in a culture, however, that often overlooks the true beauty of the mother and instead says, “She’s so pretty, but…”

Hollywood celebrities show off their amazing post-baby bodies within months of giving birth or who choose to adopt or hire a surrogate in order to preserve their figures.

These examples certainly don’t do anything to help the rest of us moms who just can’t seem to look the way we want after giving birth. The goal of a tummy tuck in NY is to help the average American mom reach her aesthetic goals on her own terms.

Health Body Image for Moms

The body changes during and after pregnancy. We consult with moms who feel that their hips seem wider and more padded with excess fat.  They wonder if they will ever feel satisfied when they look in the mirror.

Some moms have skin that stretched so much during pregnancy that it becomes like an extra part of them, either to be stuffed into the front of pants or lopped over the belt and hidden under loose clothing.

Looking into meeting with a Mommy Makeover specialist does more than help mom regain her positive outlook on her body, it helps her avoid the possibility of passing down a harmful message to her daughters.

In her book Good Girls Don’t Get Fat, Dr. Robyn Silverman stated that girls often learned from their mother’s criticisms of her own body, growing up to view themselves in the same ways they saw their mothers view themselves.

There is a Light Out There Somewhere

Experts say that it takes up to ten weeks for the body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth, and that is if there were no complications.  During this time, Mom should eat healthy and exercise as her body can handle.  Pushing for substantial weight loss at this time is harmful both to Mom’s physical state as well as to her emotional well-being.

As time goes on, Mom will get a sense of how her body has bounced back from this life-changing experience.  It is not necessary for her to feel as though this changed body must be accepted if it negatively impacts her self-image.

We have consulted with many of our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island patients over the years, and what we have seen is that these women have attempted to diet and exercise their way back to tight skin.  They have lived for years with a fear of intimacy because they were so embarrassed by their bodies.

This does not have to be you.  Whether you are several months or several years past giving birth, you deserve to feel happy when you look in the mirror!  The way you look at yourself impacts your personal relationships and the way your children grow up to view themselves, not to mention that it can even affect your social and professional life.

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