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Tummy Tuck Talk: Words to Know and Patient Stories

How to Speak "Tummy Tuck"

It is our main goal for our  tummy tuck patients have a pleasant experience from the very moment they step into our office for their consultation.

In order to facilitate your greatest degree of comfort, we’d like to share some of the common tummy tuck talk you may hear when facing the surgical correction of sagging or excess skin and fat from the mid-section.


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Tummy Tuck Talk Word #1: Abdominoplasty

Let's begin with the term abdominoplastyThis is the medical term for the tummy tuck procedure, which is aimed at correcting excess abdominal skin and fat that has become saggy and loose (mini tummy tuck).  It usually includes surgical correction of separated muscles as well (full tummy tuck).

An abdominoplasty is aimed, therefore, at abdominal skin removal and fat excision; it will also restore the shape and subtlety of abdominal muscles which were once weakened or separated.

Tummy Tuck Talk Word #2: Diastasis

The condition where the abdominal muscles have separated is called diastasisBy closing the gap between the vertical abdominal muscles, the surgeon can restore the abdomen’s flat contour; the patient is left with a mid-section that is slimmer and firmer, not to mention more youthful.

Many of our patients come to us after trying for years to obtain a well-toned abdomen through rigorous diet and exercise.  While you want to maintain well-being through healthy foods and activities, this doesn't always result in the body you envision yourself living in.

Are Diet and Exercise Helpful?

What some patients don’t understand is that excess skin and separated muscles cannot be corrected with exercise alone. You may follow a healthy eating and exercise plan, and still have loose skin or excess fat around your tummy that didn't used to be there.

The fact is, even people of normal body weight can display a protruding belly, lovingly called a "pot belly".  Causes for this condition range from pregnancy and other significant fluctuations in weight to aging, prior surgery, or genetics.

Regardless of the cause, tummy tuck after weight loss is a customized surgical procedure that can help you achieve your ideal physique.

Tummy Tuck Talk Word #3: Liposuction

In some cases, liposuction can be a complimentary procedure to a tummy tuck. Abdominal liposuction may also be called lipoplasty or suction lipectomy (if you listen carefully to our abdominoplasty New York doctors and staff).

The abdominal liposuction procedure we perform at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York uses tumescent liposuction (a saline fluid mixed with epinephrine and local anesthetic which is injected into the treatment areas).

We then use either tissue disruptor or laser technology to break up the fat and then vacuum it from beneath the surface of the skin to reduce fullness.  Combined results from lipo and tummy tuck are astonishing!

Read tummy tuck stories from real patients who have chronicled their abdominoplasty experiences.

Surgical Terms Spoken in our New York Tummy Tuck Centers

Terms to Know

When a tummy tuck is being discussed, there are specific surgical terms that you will hear throughout the planning stages and possibly also after surgery, to include:

  • Intravenous sedation: IV sedation is a sedative administered by injection into a vein. Through IV sedation, a patient is able to relax before a procedure.
  • General anesthesia is the use of medications or gases during a surgical procedure. Through the use of general anesthesia, a patient's sense of pain is diminished and consciousness is altered to the point of a deep sleep. When general anesthesia is used, an anesthesiologist is present throughout the procedure to observe patient's vitals and ensure safety.
  • Sutures, known as stitches, are used to hold skin, muscle and tissues together. Some stitches dissolve after a week or two, while others may need to be removed in our office with special tools.


Should you choose to join the ranks of our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island patients, now you know the tummy tuck talk lingo and can feel comfortable understanding everything important about the procedure.

While a tummy tuck does not guarantee a supermodel body, it can give you a body that you can be proud of!  Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today for a free consultation with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

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