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The Truth About Post Op Tummy Tuck Blues

The Truth About Post Op Blues: Tips from our NYC Tummy Tuck SurgeonsYou would think that having a procedure that is aimed at improving your overall appearance would leave you feeling downright exuberant.

You've looked forward to your tummy tuck, and have planned and prepared.  Once it's over, why is it that you need to keep an eye on your emotions?

The fact is that many of our tummy tuck patients do experience times of anxiety or sadness in the days and weeks of their post op tummy tuck recovery period.

During this time of healing, your body is exhausted and you're faced with looking at swelling, bruising and drains coming from the skin.

You may even second guess your decision of getting a tummy tuck.  Rest assured, however, that it is normal to feel a little post op tummy tuck blues; you're not alone.

Post Op Tummy Tuck Factors to Consider

There are several factors that may affect your emotions:

  • Anesthesia is known to cause emotions to spring forth often and intensely.
  • Medications may make you feel groggy, cause mood swings, and make you constipated.
  • Physical pain can cause sadness, feelings of anxiety, and disrupt your sleep.
  • In all, you may get the sense that your life is in a state of disarray and that can be quite unsettling.
  • After abdominoplasty surgery, your activities are limited and you will experience challenges in moving around.
  • For those who are used to sleeping on their stomach, the switch to side or back sleeping may bring about difficult sleeping. This lack of sleep does nothing to help you deal with the changes that your body is going through.
  • Sometimes our tummy tuck patients say that they expected to come out of surgery with an instantly tighter, flatter tummy; but their swollen, painful belly is not what they bargained for! Have faith; this too shall pass.


Be Aware of Your Emotional State

To deal with the issues that plague you during recovery after tummy tuck, one of the biggest steps you can take is to simply be aware of your emotions.  Perhaps reading this article will alert you to the risk of depression and you can write yourself a note before ever stepping into our surgical centers. Dealing with post op tummy tuck blues deserves a proactive approach.

  • Remind yourself that the swelling and bruising are only temporary, as is the discomfort associated with abdominoplasty surgery and the medications taken afterwards. If you're reading this article before your procedure, you may know logically that your emotions may be a little out of whack after your surgery. It's still a good idea to write yourself a reminder! Logic is often outweighed by emotions.
  • For weeks, or months, you've been anticipating your procedure. You've been planning and imagining how your body will look once the bandages come off. This building up of adrenaline has a counter-balance. What goes up must come down. After all the excitement and planning leading up to your abdominoplasty, you are not going to be met with the immediate results you may have envisioned. Healing takes time. Remember this and you may have an easier time keeping your emotions from spiraling downward.


Get a Free Consultation with our Tummy Tuck Doctors

Our focus is on YOU, our patient. If you experience feelings of post op tummy tuck sadness that challenge you, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us.  You deserve all the help you can get from those of us who best understand what you're going through.

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