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Tummy Tucks for Men

Plastic Surgery for Men in our Abdominoplasty NY Centers

Plastic Surgery for Men by our Abdominoplasty NY or Tummy Tuck New York City SurgeonsIf moms can get a "mommy makeover", then why can't men have their very own tummy procedure, too? For men, the belly can be an area of particular concern. One, in fact, that even has its own names: "beer belly" or "beer gut".

Obviously, we could not call tummy lipo or tummy tuck treatment for men a "Mommy Makeover" when it is a guy getting the royal treatment.  Whatever name you give it, plastic surgery for men is already catching on big time in our centers.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tuck (for men and women) were all in the top five most performed cosmetic surgeries in 2011.

Just as women do, guys can gain weight in their mid-section as they age, stop going to the gym, do more social drinking, or possibly even during his wife's pregnancy. They may see a "new shape" creeping up slowly as family or professional life become increasingly busier.

The effects of weight gain on men may result in feelings of apprehension and even lack of self-confidence. The overwhelming urge to cover up is one of the major reasons why we see men in our offices every day.

Why not give yourself the gift of a slimmer belly and renewed self-confidence so you can feel great about your appearance and move confidently forward in a more active, healthy lifestyle?

"Other" Guy Issues

Oftentimes, men who gain weight (especially after the age of 50) may experience a condition known as man boobs or gynecomastia. Affecting up to half of all men at some point in their lives, this condition causes a man to experience the growth of excess breast tissue.

Unfortunately, this breast tissue is oftentimes impossible to correct with diet and exercise alone due to its hormonal root causes. Hence, there were approximately 18,000 gynecomastia surgery procedures performed in 2011 alone.

While we tend to laugh at the appearance of man boobs, this condition has quite serious effects on the male psyche. Fortunately there is corrective surgery available in our tummy tuck NY facilities. Often, the first part of a customized makeover is laser-assisted surgery to reduce the male breasts with liposuction. Gland removal may also be necessary.

Because the ideal physique comes from optimal body proportions, the correction of gynecomastia alone may enhance the appearance of love handles or extra fat around the mid-section.

To create the best possible contours, we can combine gynecomastia surgery with torso contouring and a tummy tuck procedure in our abdominoplasty centers. In this procedure, which can be combined with SmartLipo if small pockets of fat need to be removed, the muscles and skin of the abdomen are each tightened, resulting in a firm, toned profile. With this combination of procedures, men can regain a feeling of confidence in his body.

Plastic surgeons around the country are seeing a sharp rise in the number of men coming in for consultations. Just as women do, men also want to feel good about their overall appearance. Cosmetic surgery can prove greatly beneficial in many instances.

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