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Top Reasons for Getting Surgery in our Tummy Tuck NY & Long Island Centers

Ultimately, there is one main reason why plastic surgery for men and women have become so popular: to increase confidence and self-esteem.

Plastic surgery for men & women: Top reasons for surgery in our Abdominoplasty NY & Tummy Tuck Long Island Centers

It is only natural to have the desire to feel confident about your appearance.  Seeking a tummy tuck has nothing to do with vanity, and everything to do with self-esteem.

Although no cosmetic procedure can create self-esteem where it is non-existent, this surgery can do so much for the patient who simply wants to make improvements.

While there is usually one large reason that we perform plastic surgery for men and women in our tummy tuck Long Island NY centers, there are several lesser reasons that bring people to this step.

Some women want to reduce their excess skin and tighten muscles after having children, while many men want to rid themselves of the "beer gut" bulge that can start to appear in middle age.


Plastic Surgery for Men & Moms

Abdominal Skin Removal

Many of our patients report that they have achieved a great deal through diet and exercise, yet cannot get rid of loose skin around the abdomen.  It is true that diet and exercise are an important part of maintaining health and a beautiful physique.

However, there is only so much this can do, and tightening skin is not part of the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise routine.  Treatment in our tummy tuck Long Island NY practices, however, does address this issue.

Abdominoplasty is a procedure that tightens the inner girdle, which extends from the rib cage all the way down to the pubic bone.  In tightening this area, the abdominal walls are actually reshaped and the patient sees better body contours that are more easily maintained through their diet and exercise regimen.

Addressing Postpartum Issues

The Mommy Makeover has improved the lives of thousands of moms who are plagued by a lack of confidence stemming from stretch marks, sagging muscles, and loose skin.  These issues may also be experienced by those who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Through the tummy tuck procedure, loose skin is actually removed, which then diminishes or completely eliminates the appearance of stretch marks located in the treatment area.  After the procedure in our abdominoplasty NY facility, the mom can return to her normal life with a renewed love for her body and a boost of self-confidence.

Improving Self-Confidence through Plastic Surgery for Men & Women

Loose and flabby skin create an unflattering appearance that greatly reduces a person's view of his or her body.  Plastic surgery for men that includes a tummy tuck can greatly improve a man's physique, revealing a younger and fitter body shape.

For ladies, wearing lingerie or elegant undergarments is often avoided when loose skin, scars or stretch marks are present.  Donning a bathing suit for a summer pool party is something that is usually given no consideration at all.

By addressing loose muscle and abdominal skin removal through a tummy tuck, the patient is able to live life more confidently; wearing the clothing he or she would really like to wear without worrying about how their body looks.

Plastic Surgery for Men and Women at our Tummy Tuck Long Island NY Centers

We all want to feel good about how we look.  Diet and exercise can do only so much.  Where they leave off, the tummy tuck does wonders.  Contact us for more information or for your free abdominoplasty consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.  We are conveniently located in New York City and Long Island.

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