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Planning for Your Mommy Makeover

Plastic Surgery for Moms in our Mommy Makeover NY Centers

Plastic Surgery for Moms in our Mommy Makeover NY CentersMommy Makeovers and plastic surgery for moms has become increasingly popular as more and more women are discovering they DO deserve to feel great about their appearance while raising their children. In fact, a vital part of being the best mom you can be is taking care of your own well-being.

Taking care of yourself takes nothing away from those that you dearly love; instead, it benefits them as you feel happy and whole. This is the ideology behind the Mommy Makeover, and we are happy to see so many moms come into our mommy makeover NY practices!

The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty or abdominalplasty, reshapes the mid-section and leaves natural contours that are beautiful and youthful.

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain tips that help facilitate a successful and stress-free experience. These tips include steps you can take before as well as after a tummy tuck so your entire experience is made easier.

Steps Prior to Surgery

Taking care of yourself when you have kids to care for every day is always a challenge. However, it is especially important to guard your health when you are preparing for surgery at our mommy makeover NY surgical centers. Your goal is to be in optimal health on the day of your procedure.

Therefore, it is important to openly discuss any health conditions or concerns with your surgeon during your initial consultation. Should a health concern or condition arise between the initial meeting and the day of surgery, call our office to discuss the issue with our staff.

Although you are excited at the prospect of making over your body, the results you desire are not worth the risk of illness should your health be compromised. We will work with you to ensure your surgery goes as planned, and can best do that through open communication.

Non-Smoking Patients Only

Smoking is one habit that can bring about complications to a surgical procedure, so it is imperative that patients who smoke quit at least two weeks before surgery with our mommy makeover NYC and Long Island surgeons. When you smoke, the amount of oxygen that reaches the cells of your body is greatly diminished due to constricted blood vessels.

This lack of oxygen diminishes the body's ability to heal and may lead to more pronounced scarring and infection complications. For optimal results, smoking must be stopped well before surgery and this cessation should continue after surgery as well.

Plastic Surgery for Moms Must Be Safe

Our skilled surgeons have completed thousands of successful procedures. That means they know what patients need to do and not do before and after surgical treatment in our mommy makeover NY practices. It is important that you follow all instructions that are given to you prior to surgery, such as ceasing certain medications that may impede your procedure, or avoiding food and beverages the night before your surgery.

Failing to follow doctor's orders can impact the procedure itself and the healing process. If you forget to follow one of the instructions given by your surgeon, be sure to communicate this before your surgery. Our priority is your safety throughout the entire process.

Stress-Free Abdominoplasty Recovery

Following your procedure, your home will be your abdominoplasty recovery center. As such, it needs to have all the necessities and creature comforts to keep you safe and happy during your healing period. Fill prescriptions ahead of time and place them next to your bed.

Take medications as directed. If you have been prescribed pain medication, take it at regular intervals, not as needed. Waiting until you feel pain to take your prescription increases the stress of your recovery.

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