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What Happens To Your Fat And Skin After Abdominoplasty?

What Happens After Skin Removal

What Happens To Your Fat And Skin After Abdominoplasty?One day you wake up with excess skin and fat around your midriff, head in for surgery at our tummy tuck Manhattan or Long Island centers and by the end of the day you look and feel pounds lighter.

You’ll never see that extra skin or fat again – but who will? Where do all the plastic surgery leftovers go once the surgeons have performed abdominal skin removal? Where does the fat and skin go after surgery?

What Better Than To Use It For Scientific Research?

Many times, no one gives a second thought to abdominal skin removal. It will be disposed of and incinerated as medical waste by some surgical facilities. This is what our tummy tuck Manhattan and Long Island surgeons do.

However, for several years now, scientists have been harvesting the unwanted fat and skin from abdominoplasty surgeries in order to perform experiments.

It’s a perfect scenario. The plastic surgeon has no need for it and the patient certainly doesn’t want it! Scientists are always looking for material to use in tests and experiments; abdominal skin removal is a wonder for medical studies.

As a result of medical studies and experiments being done on leftover tummy tuck fat, scientists have found that it is much more than just an extra attachment to our bodies. It carries proteins and hormones and can help us peer into the more complex systems of the body.

Answers About Abdominal Skin Removal from our Tummy Tuck Long Island and Manhattan Surgeons

Compare It to Organ Donation

The use of an abdominoplasty patient’s unused fat and skin after plastic surgery is considered to be tissue donation but is sometimes viewed as being an organ donation. When a tummy tuck patient agrees to be an organ donor, they are generally not collected upon until after they have died.

With an abdominoplasty donation, though, it is quite clear that you do not need to be deceased, only looking for a better look!

Abdominal skin removal is used for tissue donations in labs to study such things as:

  • The impact of exercise
  • Recycling fat for breast augmentation
  • Obesity
  • Using it to harvest adult stem cells

The use of belly fat to create stem cells is a major point to be made. By using these adult stem cells from fat for their experiments, this eliminates the need to use embryonic stem cells thus making stem cell research a much less controversial road to take.

Our tummy tuck Manhattan and Long Island plastic and cosmetic surgeons are always learning about using adult stem cells for fat transfer as well as looking at their role in treating medical conditions.

Though we do not use abdominal skin removal leftovers in our own surgery centers, we are on a constant journey to learn from the research that other scientists are doing.

Perhaps Your Abdominal Skin Removal Surgery Could Change the World

The genius behind scientists’ work in the body is incredible. The studies of fat and its possible uses are just another few rungs in the ladder of science. Patients can help it along by simply receiving an abdominoplasty surgery.

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If you have been considering getting rid of your excess fat and skin, whether it’s to be donated to science or given the once-and-for-all farewell into the incinerator, contact us today at our tummy tuck Manhattan or Long Island offices!

Learn more about plastic surgery leftovers and how abdominal skin removal surgery is used to further science.