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Tips for an Easy Abdominoplasty Recovery

Abdominoplasty Recovery Tips from our Tummy Tuck Doctors

As with any surgical procedure, it will be necessary for you to prepare your home for abdominoplasty recovery and the return of your new and improved self.

Although this procedure is not a complicated endeavor, you will most certainly not be ready to get back into the swing of things upon returning home.

Your body needs time to heal and rest in order to achieve optimal results.  Thankfully, by using the following abdominoplasty recovery tips, you will be more likely to allow yourself to fully relax as you take care of your post-surgical needs.


Comfort Tips and Nutrition Advice


Comfort Tips:

  • Thoroughly clean your home, or have it professionally cleaned just before your surgery. Take out all trash, wash and fold all laundry and have all dishes cleaned and put away. This way, you will return to a calm, clutter-free environment that encourages rest.
  • Add necessities to keep you from getting bored. Choose some fun items such as your favorite movies, crossword puzzles or word search books, magazines, your laptop, iPad, mp3 player with soothing music, and a few books. Some of our patients like to play video games during their healing vacation. Make sure game controllers and your television remote have new batteries in them!
  • Purchase all necessary medications and place them next to your bedside in a way that will be easiest for you to take them. Some of our patients place pills in containers based on day or time while other set their medication bottles out on their night stand.
  • Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible including other areas you may be recovering in. Place extra pillows and blankets around the bed or your favorite chair so you can easily prop up to watch television or read. Since you may be more comfortable keeping your upper body elevated, create places where you can recline comfortably. If you don't have a recliner, make your bed a comfortable lounging place, or add pillows and an ottoman to your sofa setup.
  • Set out several items of comfortable clothing on a chair or dresser. You don't want to be reaching into the closet or dresser drawers, or bending down to pick up shoes. If necessary, purchase a cozy pair of slippers that you can easily slide your feet in and out of.
  • Place a nightlight in your bed and bathroom. Post-surgery medications may be a bit disorienting. You don't want to fall during a nighttime trip to the bathroom!
  • Keep a small bucket - WITH lid - next to your bed in case you throw up. In fact, have this container in the car with you for your ride home from surgery. Sedation is known to cause nausea and sometimes vomiting, so it is best to be prepared.
  • Place a heating pad on or next to your bed in an easy to reach location. Abdominoplasty recovery may include a sore lower back and the heat will help soothe strained muscles and alleviate pain and swelling after tummy tuck. However, if you had laser liposuction along with your tummy tuck, DO NOT use a heating pad or ice pack on the treated areas.
  • Make sure your room can be easily darkened even during the day; you never know what times you'll be sleeping.
  • Turn down your telephone ringer, or turn it off and let calls go to voice mail. Your rest is most important!


Eating and Drinking:

  • Prepare meals that can be easily heated up or eaten fresh. Mix up a large salad in ready-to-eat portions, stock up on soups or frozen dinners, and get snacks like Jell-O or popsicles so you don't have to cook during the week following surgery.
  • For an extra indulgence, jot down a list of your favorite restaurants that deliver!
  • Have a bottle of cool water or ginger ale for the first day or two. Taking small sips may help ease nausea.
  • Keep crackers on your bedside table. Snacking on simple crackers can help you deal with nausea.
  • Plan on soft foods including some canned or jarred fruits and veggies to keep vitamins and minerals up during this critical healing phase.


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Many of our tummy tuck patients have attested to the benefits of advanced preparation.  These tips are designed to help you plan ahead for the best possible recovery process.

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