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Plastic Surgery for Couples? Our Tummy Tuck Surgeons Weigh In.

Plastic Surgery for Couples? Our Tummy Tuck NY Surgeons Weigh InDo you know that old saying “couples that play together, stay together?” Well, now it seems that couples who go under the knife together stay together as well.

Top surgeons from all over, including our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, has been witnessing a growing trend in couples coming in to get plastic surgery done together.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this is literally the fastest growing trend in the plastic surgery world. Couples want to come in not just getting a nose job or face lift, but they also want to undergo tummy tuck and liposuction together. Couples are even going as far as to get plastic surgery together as part of their anniversary celebration.

Why Our Tummy Tuck Centers In New York And Long Island are Seeing More Couples...

Surgeons have hypothesized that the increase in couples coming in together is because the popularity of plastic surgery for men has risen.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle website, in 2011 more than 10,500 men opted to have plastic surgery. Men don’t want their wives looking better or more youthful than them! They want to keep in step with the woman they love.

If you and your significant other are thinking about getting a plastic surgery procedure together, consider a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck will not only slim you down, but will also boost your self-confidence and allow you to show off that fabulous, new and youthful physique that you want to get back.

We can even do a non-surgical tummy tuck with SmartLipo or a mini abdominoplasty, depending upon your specific needs.

Our tummy tuck experts will work closely with you as a couple to ensure that you know everything there is to know about having a tummy tuck procedure.

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will do their best to make both feel welcomed and will treat you like a member of our family. You and your mate will love how friendly and experienced our doctors are! They can help you look and feel fabulous.

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Whether you are getting a tummy tuck with your spouse to celebrate an anniversary milestone or to just feel more youthful again, scheduling an appointment with our tummy tuck doctors will get you on the road to that sexy new body.

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