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Fact or Fiction: Abdominoplasty Before and After

Abdominoplasty Before and After: Facts from our Tummy Tuck NY Doctors

Abdominoplasty Before and After: Facts from our Tummy Tuck DoctorsWhen facing the idea of abdominal skin removal and muscle tightening surgery in our centers, your peace of mind comes from a clear understanding of what to expect.

During your consultation, we will answer any questions you have; but it's always nice to go in with a more thorough idea of the entire abdominoplasty before and after process.

In our tummy tuck NY practices, our focus is always on YOU, the individual patient.  Therefore, you will find a detailed description of some important facts and fiction below.

Abdominoplasty Before and After Gallery of our Tummy Tuck Patients

See our abdominoplasty before and after patient pictures in our photo gallery.

Fact: You can have a tummy tuck and/or lipectomy without general anesthesia.

When you check in to either our tummy tuck NYC or Long Island surgical centers, you will be prepped and receive anesthesia.  This procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, where the patient sleeps comfortably.

In some instances, however, we perform abdominoplasty with IV sedation and local anesthetic, which results in a lighter state of sleep and eliminates the risks and fees associated with general anesthesia.

Fiction: The tummy tuck incision will be visible after surgery.

Once the patient is comfortably sedated, incisions will be made.  Most commonly, incisions run from hip bone to hip bone.  This curved, horizontal incision is made just above the pubic hair line.

Because a tummy tuck is aimed at providing the patient with a mid-section he or she would feel comfortable showing off, the tummy tuck incision is typically made in a location where a tummy tuck scar can easily be hidden under swimwear and undergarments.

In cases where excess fat and skin are present above the belly button, an incision may be made around the navel in order to tighten and reduce the skin above the navel. In such instances, the navel will be repositioned through a new circular skin incision on the abdominal wall.

Fact: Separated muscles can be surgically fixed.

Often times, pregnancy causes a condition known as diastasis, in which the two main vertical muscle walls that form the abdomen become separated.  Should this condition be present, muscles will be joined together using internal sutures in order to restore strength and form.

Suturing these muscles from top to bottom results in a flatter stomach for our tummy tuck NY patients. When we perform plastic surgery for moms, it is generally referred to as a mommy make over and can include other surgical procedures. The difference between abdominoplasty before and after pictures are truly astounding!

Fiction: Stretch marks can be erased with a tummy tuck.

After assessing and correcting any issues with diastasis, the tummy tuck surgeon will then go about determining the size and shape of the skin flap to be removed, and then carefully excise the area.

The size and shape of the skin flap is determined by the amount of skin as well as the location (above and/or below the navel). Should stretch marks be present on the abdomen, only the stretch marks that are within the skin flap will be removed.

However, many times the appearance of the remaining stretch marks are greatly reduced because abdominal skin removal has allowed for the remaining skin is pulled taught.

Fact: Your belly button stays right where it is.

Once abdominal skin removal and fat excision have taken place, it's time to address the position of the belly button.  You cannot actually move the entire location of the belly button, for it is attached to the abdominal wall and must remain intact.

Repositioning of the navel is done through a new opening that is created in the upper flap of abdominal skin being stretched downward to be joined with the attached flap near the pubic area.

The navel is then pulled through a new circular opening created in the abdominal skin and then sutured into place.  Repositioning of the navel results in symmetry and a beautifully contoured abdomen.

Fiction: The outside layer of stitches is sufficient to close the incision.

The final step that our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island surgeons take is to close incisions using a multi-layer suturing technique for strength, integrity of the muscle wall, and permanent results.  Additionally, drains are usually inserted prior to closing the tummy tuck incision.

More Abdominoplasty Before and After Info from our Doctors

Before your surgical procedure in either our tummy tuck NY or Long Island surgical centers, our office staff will have prepared you for what to expect after your tummy tuck.

For more in-depth information, please read our article on post op tummy tuck.  After tummy tuck, you can feel better about the way your body looks while regaining your confidence and self-esteem!

Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today for your free consultation and let us show you the way to a flatter tummy. We have locations in New York City and Long Island.

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