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Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgery

Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgery with our Abdominoplasty NY & NYC doctors

Is tummy tuck after weight loss right for you? If you’ve lost more than about 30 pounds, either on your own or via bariatric surgery, you may have noticed that your skin has decided that it liked its former size better and is refusing to shrink down.

This will be apparent through loose, hanging skin over the abdominal area, with or without separation of the abdominal muscles. These issues can sap us of our self-esteem and decrease our willingness to be in certain situations where our body might be seen by others.

Can Tummy Tuck After Bariatric Surgery Really Give You a Flat Belly?

With an abdominoplasty procedure, you no longer have to live this way. Our surgeons have worked with hundreds of patients over the years that are looking to nip or tuck their tummy to get a flat and sexy abdominal area.

This is done by abdominal skin & fat removal while tightening up the underlying stomach muscles as needed. Once the procedure is completed, patients have a brand-new figure that compliments their weight loss efforts.

If you are also dealing with additional cosmetic concerns due to losing weight such as sagging breasts and loose or hanging skin anywhere on the body, we can help. Ask about body lift surgery as well as SmartLipo laser liposuction which can beautifully compliment your tummy tuck procedure and give you a whole new look!

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