Mother Left with Hole in Her Stomach after Tummy Tuck Procedure. Safe surgery in our NYC, Long Island, NY abdominoplasty centers.We hear the horror stories time and time again about patients undergoing a routine cosmetic surgery procedure that leaves them deformed and suffering.

The latest report in a recent string of botched plastic surgery incidents happened to a 52-year-old mother in Thailand.

Jennifer Thai, a mother of three, was left with a gaping hole in her stomach that will take her months to recover from. Thai will also have to receive multiple corrective surgery procedures to fix what the doctor had done.

Plastic Surgery Nightmare

After her initial operation, Thai’s stomach area became infected and her skin turned black and started to die. Her doctor informed her that the blackened skin was nothing to worry about when she returned from Bangkok last March. The wound started getting larger shortly after that and was not healing from the antibiotics Thai was taking.

She was immediately admitted to Pindara Private Hospital. The doctors there said it was one of the worst cases they have ever seen. Thai had received the surgery during a cosmetic tourism trip with two of her friends and spend $7,000 for the procedure.

The problem with overseas procedures is that patients are not always properly assessed and in Thai’s case, her poor circulation problem was overlooked by the surgeon.

Take Care of Yourself

At our tummy tuck facilities, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team wants to make sure their patients are receiving the best care possible. Whether you are interested in plastic surgery for moms or other procedures, our staff will take the best possible care of you.

This is not always the case at other hospitals, however. In order to make sure you are receiving quality care, you need to protect yourself by:

-Checking the doctor’s credentials and experience

– Making sure there was never a medical malpractice suit filed against them

– Learn about previous patient experiences

– Never go overseas for a cosmetic procedure

The specialists at our New York abdominoplasty facilities in NYC and Long Island have years of professional experience and have also been hailed as some of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the New York area by multiple publications. You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands at our offices.