Mommy Makeover Tips Before Getting a Tummy Tuck in NYC

Preparing the Family for Your Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Tips Before Getting a Tummy Tuck in NYCOver the past several years, the special needs of treating post-pregnancy patients has become clear: rather than simply removing fat with liposuction or tightening skin in our tummy tuck NY practice, the Mommy Makeover addresses multiple concerns.

In most cases, this procedure includes liposuction where needed, as well as a tummy tuck to tighten skin that has lost elasticity due to pregnancy.

To optimize Mom’s shape, the procedure can also include breast enhancement either through an augmentation with implants, or with a breast reduction or breast lift.

Clearly, the Mommy Makeover is far more than getting a simple tummy tuck in NYC; it is a way to allow Mom to feel totally confident with her overall physique.

Post-Op Mommy Makeover Tips for our Tummy Tuck NY Patients

Any surgical procedure comes with its necessary time for healing.  As the Mommy Makeover addresses several areas of the body in a multi-faceted treatment session in our tummy tuck NY surgical centers, it is recommended that moms prepare ahead of time for their recovery at home.

Many of our patients have young children at home.  This could be used as a reason to put cosmetic improvements off.  But when carefully planned, Mom can regain her sense of self and still ensure her well-being as well as that of her family.

There isn’t necessarily additional recovery time needed after a Mommy Makeover, just more areas where healing needs to take place.  Due to the nature of healing, Mom will be out of commission for a period of seven to ten days.

When we say out of commission, what we mean is that Mom should give herself a nice quiet place in the home where everything she needs is provided for her.  Our patients will be medicated following surgery so to alleviate pain.

Prescription medications may make Mom sleep quite a bit in the days following surgery.  For this reason, it is a good idea to talk with young children who can understand the basics of healing.

Specific Pointers from our Tummy Tuck NY Doctors

Before scheduling a tummy tuck in NYC, talk with the children, telling them in very simple terms that Mom will be visiting her doctor to have surgery.  Exactly how much detail is given depends on how parents communicate with their children, and the age of the children involved.

Above all, reassuring children that Mom’s surgery is to improve her well-being and that there is nothing wrong with Mom is most important.

Stress-free recovery plan:

  • Make a list of several possible helpers and make a schedule of who can help when.
  • Pre-make several days’ worth of easily heated foods that the family loves, like casseroles.
  • Fill the refrigerator with easy foods like sandwich makings, healthy soups, and snacks like cheese, yogurt, and Jell-O.
  • Remember that Mom needs easily digestible foods!
  • Have extra movies and other entertainment around to keep kids busy.
  • Arrange for pet sitting with a friend or pet hotel.
  • Arrange play dates for children away from home, and transportation there and back.

Moms have busy lives.  This does not mean that you have to live with a body that makes you turn away from the mirror.  Contact us today for your free Mommy Makeover consultation in Long Island (631.499.1831) or NYC (212.206.0023).

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