After undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure, you need to be extra gentle on your body. This means avoiding stressful lifting during the first few weeks after your cosmetic surgery.

While light exercising, such as walking, can reduce the amount of swelling and prevent blood clots from forming after surgery, lifting anything heavier than nine pounds can cause your internal stitches to pop and may even cause a hernia.

Even while you are walking, be sure to wear your abdominal binder (compression garment) so that you do not build up excess fluid. Avoid heavy lifting for a good eight weeks after your surgery and always get clearance from your surgeon before attempting anything.

Here is the proper way to lift items after your tummy tuck.

can I lift things after a tummy tuckThe Lifting Process

The first thing that you need to do is to put on a compression girdle to help give you some extra support while lifting an item.

Bend your knees low enough so that you can reach the item that you want to lift. Be sure to keep your upper torso as straight as possible and in an upright and relaxed position during the whole process.

Do not lean forward when you are picking up the item. Bring it to your chest and allow your shoulder and forearms to bear the weight and take it off of your core.

Exhale very slowly as you lift up from your knees and keep your top half up, relaxing your back, shoulders and belly.

At your first opportunity, gently set the item down, ideally on a surface level that is at the same level as your chest.

After the eight week mark, most people can start lifting heavier items. Again, check with your doctor beforehand! Start by beginning to do light weight training but do not focus on your core muscles, as they will still be healing.

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