Lasting Impact of  Abdominoplasty and Mommy Makeover

Our Tummy Tuck NY & Tummy Tuck NYC Surgeons Explain the Lasting Impact of Abdominoplasty and Mommy MakeoverWe treat a number of women of various ages in our tummy tuck NY practices. This being the case, we find it important to discuss the lasting impact this cosmetic procedure has on a woman’s body.

As rightfully expected, abdominoplasty leaves the patient feeling better about her appearance. This  increase in confidence with before and after is certain. However, patients in our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island practices quickly learn there is more to the tummy tuck procedure than your future appearance.

The tummy tuck procedure is especially helpful for women who have experienced the exaggerated stretching of skin due to a single or multiple pregnancies or due to weight. When you have skin and abdominal muscles that cannot return to a taut state through diet and exercise alone, this procedure can get rid of loose unsightly skin.

When the procedure is done on moms and combined with other figure-enhancing plastic surgery, it is referred to as a Mommy Makeover. Through tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty), we can address stretch marks in the lower abdomen and can also eliminate fat pockets that have settled in to the abdominal wall. Breast procedures and liposuction can also be done during a mommy makeover.

Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

Before deciding to undergo surgery with our tummy tuck NYC and Long Island specialists, it is important that you determine with a high degree of certainty that you are not planning any future pregnancies. The issue with pregnancy after tummy tuck is unfortunately a bad outcome for the stomach muscles and skin which were tightened during surgery.

The concern with an after-tummy tuck pregnancy is that the muscles which have been tightened during the abdominoplasty procedure must once again stretch in order to make room for baby to grow in a healthy manner. As the tummy grows, skin also stretches.

This re-stretched skin may be less likely to bounce back and a second tummy tuck may be required to remedy the effects of pregnancy.

If pregnancy is to occur after treatment, there is no great cause for alarm. As stated, there is no risk to the development of the fetus; mom may, however, experience some soreness as surgically tightened abdominal muscles are stretched.

Every patient is different. Some women experience no soreness and relatively little stretch marks from subsequent pregnancies. If this does occur, we can help mommy through the changes in her body.

Through a tummy tuck or abdominal liposuction, women are able to regain a love for their physique and return to a state of higher confidence. Considering the permanency of this procedure and future pregnancies, you can determine the best timing to attain the sculpted mid-section you desire.

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