Plastic surgery for moms is a big business these days. So big, in fact, that many people who shouldn’t be performing cosmetic surgery are doing so anyway. Horror stories that have surfaced include infection, pain, scarring, extremely poor wound healing, and even death.

A tummy tuck can improve your self-esteem dramatically, but it’s important to realize that there are risks, one of which is the risk of unknowingly selecting an unscrupulous doctor.

Here’s an example of one woman who paid the price.

Lack of Skill Causes Botched Tummy TucksTummy Tuck Gone Wrong

Rolanda Dickerson was expecting a tummy tuck when she went under the knife at Forest Park Medical Center. Instead, Dr. John Alexander gave her gastric bypass–a surgery she’d undergone a few years before. Complications from the tummy tuck procedure forced her to go back for a second operation, which only made matters worse.

According to the Dallas Observer: “As a further result of the procedure … Rolanda Dickerson is unable to eat food and drink liquids in the normal way. Instead, she has had to have a port installed in her abdomen.” Definitely not the desired outcome of a tummy tuck!

What To Look For

With these dangers in mind, what should you look for in a highly-qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon?

  • Sincerity and compassion
  • Board certification
  • Positive information/reviews from past patients
  • High number of good outcomes
  • Excellent before and after photos
  • Years of experience
  • Trained specifically in plastic surgery
  • Good bedside manner

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