Everyone wants to look and feel good.  Looking good is feeling good, right?  Well, I agree.  Many people in the United States are feeling worse and worse about themselves due to obesity and body image problems.

For a few of us, we have lost the weight and changed our lifestyles.  So, while we can reconcile with the realities of our old eating habits or lack of exercise, we can’t “think” our saggy tummies away after the weight is gone.  So what can be done?

Thinking About a Tummy Tuck?What does it really take to be ready for a tummy tuck? Abdominoplasty New York centers in NYC and Long Island. Free consultation.

Are you considering a tummy tuck to rid yourself of the loose skin around your tummy that diet and exercise just couldn’t get rid of?  We can help you do that.

The ideal candidates for a tummy tuck procedure are individuals within 10 to 15% of their ideal body weight.  Overweight and obese patients should not consider tummy tucks because, frankly, they will not be happy with the results.  When you are within a normal weight range, the skin is easier able to contract and deliver the results you envisioned.

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