Skin Tightening after Tummy Tuck
How to Reduce Belly Fat Before and After Menopause

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We all know that it gets harder and harder to shed belly fat and keep it off as we age. Women in particular can find it difficult to resolve problem areas around the belly, hips, and thighs.

While this fat seemingly sneaks up overnight, there are many changes throughout life that can trigger shifts in weight or resistance to weight loss.

One of these changes, unfortunately, is menopause. How does menopause cause women to store more belly fat? Read on to learn more.

Hormonal Shifts

As we age, our metabolism gradually gets slower, making it more difficult to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Even if you lead an optimally healthy life, it can be difficult to curb eventual postmenopausal weight gain–particularly if you have had, or plan to have, children.

The hormonal changes that occur with menopause (loss of estrogen) can trigger the body to store fat rather than burn it, often around the midsection. This is especially true for women who are inactive, are regularly stressed, and those who do not get enough sleep. Stress hormones can trigger additional weight gain.

Preventing Postmenopausal Belly Fat

In addition to causing aesthetic issues, postmenopausal belly fat can be dangerous to your health. While it’s not always possible to prevent this sudden weight gain, you can try to head it off by:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Monitoring caloric intake
  • Drinking extra water each day
  • Exercising (cardio and weight bearing)
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Managing stress levels

You’ll have to work harder to see the same results you did when you were younger, but doing so will help you stay healthy, fit, and beautiful for many years to come. It is a complete myth that women are doomed to being overweight as they age!

Are You a Candidate for Abdominoplasty?

If you’re struggling with postmenopausal belly fat, you may want to consider whether you’re a good candidate for abdominoplasty (often known as a tummy tuck) or tummy lipo.

Though many women choose to have a tummy tuck within a few years after they are done having children, women of any age can still be good candidates for this surgery.

To learn more about the procedure, pre and post op care, costs, and more, contact our tummy tuck experts in NY. Abdominoplasty isn’t for everyone, but for those who need a little extra help with extra belly fat, our tummy tuck specialists in Long Island and New York City may be able to help. Call either location to schedule your free consultation today.