Our Tummy Tuck NY  Surgeons Explain How Healthy Living Will Compliment Your Tummy Tuck


Our Tummy Tuck NY & Abdominoplasty New York Surgeons Explain How Healthy Living Will Compliment Your Tummy TuckHeading in for a tummy tuck at our tummy tuck  New York surgical centers can mean a few things. Either you have gone through major weight loss or pregnancy and have excess skin and/or loose muscles remaining, or you just can’t seem to find yourself sexy in a bathing suit no matter which styles you wear. Regardless of the reason, once you have abdominoplasty surgery, a healthy lifestyle change will be in order.

Getting into the Mindset of Healthy Living is Crucial

Even though fat and skin are removed during the tummy tuck procedure, there are still more skin and fat cells that remain in the body that can become enlarged just like the previous ones did, thus, essentially undoing the optimal results of surgery. By adopting a new lifestyle of smart foods and routine exercise, you can keep the body you worked so hard to get!

Going Green Leads to Staying Lean

Changing your ways and creating a new health-conscious lifestyle for yourself can be difficult, but is necessary if you are serious about your body. The fact that you had or are planning to have the surgery at our abdominoplasty New York or Long Island centers is proof enough that you are!

A healthy diet and exercise don’t have to feel daunting, though. A few basic things that can keep your body fit after surgery are:

  • Movement! Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous. Especially if you are a busy mom or on-the-go dad, you just don’t have the time for the gym every day. Simply doing moderate activities like regular chores, gardening, or even daily walking can help keep your body in normal shape.
  • Think before you eat. Don’t just chow down on fast food or junk food because it’s “all you have time for”. Make time for the better foods. Learn about better choices when you eat out as well as healthy choices for quick microwave meals with controlled portions and vegetables.
  • Fruits and veggies really are your friends. We hated them as kids but some of us took that habit into adulthood. It’s no good for your body, or even your digestion, though. There are so many fruits and veggies available that there is bound to be something you can learn to love! Try new things all the time and find what will work best for you.
  • Subscribe to a recipe-centered magazine with healthy living habits all-in-one such as Cooking Light Magazine. This little booklet of gems can transform your veggie encounters into bona fide adventures.
  • It’s not a “diet”; it’s your everyday life! You have stop thinking about your new lifestyle as a fad or something to do just for now. It needs to be a full on switch in your everyday thinking pattern. One of the biggest faults of dieting is that people treat it as a “right now” kind of thing. The difference with this is dedication. This is now who you need to be, with no end in sight. Just health.

Keep Your New Body for Years to Come!

Finding that new you in the mirror is a feeling like no other! Now, more than ever, you certainly wouldn’t want to lose it. Our tummy tuck NY practices are dedicated to giving you the body you want, so we hope you will learn something from the advice above and keep your body that way!

If you have not yet undergone a tummy tuck but would like to learn more, please contact us at our abdominoplasty New York (Manhattan) or Long Island offices today!

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