The main objective of a tummy tuck is to get rid of excessive fat and skin and to tighten the abdominal muscles, resulting in a slimmer figure. Some patients are anxious to start exercising right after surgery to keep the weight off, but this can be harmful to their health and well being.

Before you begin a regular exercise routine, your surgeon needs to give you the go ahead. This can be three to six weeks after your operation, but you should still take precautions and listen to your own body to gauge your limitations.

exercises after tummy tuck surgeryRight after Surgery

The easiest type of exercise for after your tummy tuck is light walking. Be sure to wear your abdominal girdle so that you decrease the chance of building up any excess fluid and also use a heart monitor to know that your heart rate is below 135 so that you do not impair the healing process.

Five Weeks after Surgery

After the five week mark, you can try more intense yet lower impact workouts. Use an elliptical machine at the gym to build up your cardio. Keep your heart rate under 145 until you reach six weeks post-op.

Six Week Mark

You can begin your regular workout routine with the exception of high impact workouts such as intense running or jumping exercises. These types of exercises can jar the skin that is still attaching to the tissue beneath it. Continue to wear your abdominal girdle.

Eight Weeks

After eight weeks, you should be ready to return to higher impact exercises with your doctor’s blessings. Start light weight training at this time too, but do not overwork your core muscles because they are still healing.

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*The information on this page is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your doctor for any health related concerns and before starting a new diet or exercise program.