Eliminate Muffin Top With More Flattering Fashion

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If your tummy is a problem area for you, as it is for many people, you have undoubtedly fallen victim to the dreaded “muffin top” at some point in your life. But here’s a little secret: What you wear could be creating your muffin top, or making it worse!

If you despair of ever taming the rolls of fat that pop out over your pants or skirts, never fear: There are ways to prevent this “Pillsbury dough girl” look or banish the bulge entirely. Here are some ways to do it instantly, with a few tweaks to your wardrobe!

Try Higher Rise Jeans

If you’re used to the days of Britney Spears’ ultra low-rise pants, it might come as a relief to know that those days are long gone. If you’re still gravitating toward ultra low-rise fashions in the stores, high waisted jeans may, at first, seem frumpy to you.

But here’s a newsflash, low-rise jeans cut in at the hips–the widest part of the midsection, which can actually create a muffin top, even in slim people. Mid-rise jeans tend to be most flattering for a variety of body types, because they hit nearer to the smallest part of the waist, yet avoid bulk.

Wear the Right Undergarments

Shapewear and higher rise underwear can help combat muffin top. If you’re worried about slipping into “granny panty” territory, never fear. There are many cute and sexy styles available in higher rises. Shaping tank tops and panties are meant to smooth everything out, so use them to your advantage.

Wear Longer Tops

A longer top that flares away from the waist or an empire waist blouse can help conceal any signs of muffin top. This is a good strategy for those of you who simply can’t give up the low-rise pants you love!

Go for Structure

Thicker, more structured garments tend to camouflage lumps and bumps much better than soft, drapey, or clingy fabrics do. Heavier skirts, higher-rise denim, and structured jackets can help reduce the appearance of a muffin top and flatter the entire abdominal area.

Not Comfortable With Your Tummy?

If your stomach makes you feel self-conscious, due to excess fat, skin, or separated stomach muscles (which can occur due to pregnancy, age, or extreme weight loss), it might be time to look into permanent solutions, such as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

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