It seems like every time an actress or singer has a baby, she always has this cute little baby bump under her red-carpet gowns.

What happens after she gives birth seems almost instantaneous: her stomach becomes flat and gorgeous again. Ever wonder how celebrity moms do it? It’s a secret the rest of us would love to know.

How Do They Do It?

While most celebrity moms claim to regain their svelte and sexy bodies through simple diet and exercise in a matter of weeks or months, actress Nicole Sullivan tells US Weekly that’s not the case. “I would flip through celeb magazines…and I just couldn’t get how these moms like Jessica Alba lost so much weight so quickly—and yet I couldn’t…They all lie and say, ‘Oh, I lost the weight running after the kids or breastfeeding.’ It’s not true!”

Looking through these before and after photos of celebrity moms, they all tell the same story: workouts, diet, etc. Even with the resources and extra help your average celebrity mom has, there may be more to these stories then meets the eye. Even though they usually won’t admit it, there’s a good chance many moms in the public eye elect for plastic surgery to help get back into shape.

(See before & after photos:

Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Plastic surgery for moms usually involves a breast lift or augmentation, liposuction, and/or  tummy tuck, which helps resolve loose skin and muscle separation in the stomach area. It takes a while for diet and exercise to produce great results, and often the residual muscle and skin laxity make it impossible to get the bikini body back through diet and exercise alone. So red carpet ready in a few weeks? Not likely without a tummy tuck.

celebrity-moms-lose-baby-weight2While diet and exercise are crucial components to regaining your pre-baby body, you may still need some surgical help. Our abdominoplasty New York surgeons offer a permanent solution to separated muscles and excess skin caused by pregnancy.

If you’re interested in learning more about your options and candidacy for a tummy tuck, contact our abdominoplasty Long Island or Manhattan offices to set up a consultation.