tummy1Ever since it became popularized, the world of plastic surgery has mostly been thought of as a woman’s world. While the percentage of men receiving treatments is still lower as compared to women, plastic surgeons are seeing more men in their clinics for rhinoplasty, BOTOX, gynecomastia surgery, and even tummy tucks.

For women, however, the most common reason for seeking abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery is following pregnancy.

So why do men get tummy tucks, and do they differ from the surgery performed on women?

Why a Tummy Tuck?

While liposuction may seem to be the more obvious choice for men, tummy tucks are a great option for men who have lost a lot of weight and suffer from excess skin, stretch marks, separated abdominal muscles, or an undefined waist.

A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat, tightens the abdominal area, and allows muscle definition to show through. Men who want a flat stomach and a defined waist may consider a tummy tuck as a standalone procedure or in addition to liposuction for other problem areas such as the torso.

Not for Weight Loss

Abdominoplasty is not intended to produce significant weight loss. While it is true that the operation does involve removal of excess fat in the stomach area, the ideal candidates for male tummy tuck surgery are those who have lost enough weight that the main concerns are excess and stretched skin and stretched stomach muscles.

Patients will need to continue leading a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercise in order to maintain the results of the tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

A tummy tuck is performed by making an incision in the lower stomach area, just above the pubic area, in order to remove the excess skin and fat, tighten the stomach muscles, and pull the remaining skin down for a taut abdomen and more defined waist. Patients can typically return to most normal activities within 2 weeks, though exercise and some other activities are limited for a longer period of time.

Experienced, Highly-Qualified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

As with any plastic surgery, you should select your abdominoplasty surgeon with care. Our NY tummy tuck experts can help you get the flat and toned midsection you’ve always wanted. We offer exceptional care and tummy tuck results at our AAAHC accredited surgical facility in Commack, Long Island. We have an additional consultation center located in New York City.

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