Which Stars Have Had Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

Our Abdominoplasty NY & Abdominoplasty New York City Patients Want to Know: Which Celebrities Have Gone Under the KnifeIt’s easy to get discouraged when looking through tabloids and seeing seemingly ageless actresses’ bodies staring back at you or seeing headlines like “One month after giving birth and so-and-so is looking hot!”

Our abdominoplasty NY surgeons know it is often times much more than a simple diet plan that these ladies, and even guys, have stuck to in order to get those wonderful results that seem to be optimal.

That Stomach Can’t Possibly Be Natural After So Many Children

The snap thought of “How is it possible for anyone to look like that after 3 kids? I’m not as good as them,” should usually be followed up by “It was abdominoplasty and I can do that too.”

Many women get pregnant and many men grow a belly with age, so it’s no wonder the list of celebrity plastic surgery is well populated.

A few examples of celebrities who are rumored to have gotten surgery include:

  • Britney Spears
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Octomom
  • Kate Gosselin
  • Patricia Heaton
  • Shar Jackson
  • Heidi Klum

Rumors that Mariah Carey has had a tummy tuck have also been circling, but nothing has been confirmed. If things don’t spring back into place for now-pregnant Jersey Shore star Snooki, we may soon be seeing another name on that celebrity plastic surgery list.

With the amount of free-falling money that celebrities have, it’s no wonder that they can have the abdominoplasty procedure so soon after having their babies. Children are adorable but expensive so don’t be discouraged if it takes time before you are able to put back together the body you once had.

Our abdominoplasty surgeons from Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York understand the crunch for cash in our economy these days and will work with you to ensure you receive the procedure you desire at a price you can afford. Financing options exist as well.

Fact or Fiction: A Tummy Tuck Is For All Abdominoplasty Patients.

It’s a comical idea but think about the different TV and movie characters that must have had a tummy tuck in their fictional lives. If you’ve ever watched a couple episodes of the hit TV series Friends, then you know that character Monica Geller was once 250 pounds in her younger years, but we always see her as the skinny, in-shape girl we all know and love.

There is no way all that stretched out skin shrank back to fit her body. Perhaps she made a trip to our abdominoplasty NY practice, since she lives in New York City? But that’s just our fictional hunch.

Ryan Reynolds’ character, Chris Brander, from the movie Just Friends is a very similar case. He was very much overweight in his youth but then shows up years later as a fit young man. Even fictional Hollywood characters have tummy tucks!

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There should never be an ounce of shame for getting a tummy tuck. The most highly-respected women and men of the entertainment business, who make a living off of showcasing their bodies, have had celebrity plastic surgery and gladly show off their restored, shapely figures.

You, too, can be proud of your body and not feel like you have to hide behind layers of clothes. Contact us at our abdominoplasty New York City or Long Island offices to set up your free consultation!

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