5 Things to Expect in Your Consultation

If the question, “should I get a tummy tuck?” has long since been answered and your big day is approaching, you should know more about how a tummy tuck is done. We also would like to share that the process of getting a tummy tuck at our abdominoplasty NY (Long Island) and New York City offices starts with your personal consultation.

Before a tummy tuck consultation, however, it is a good idea to prepare yourself with what to expect and be ready with the information you will need. That’s what this blog is here for!

Our Abdominoplasty NY & New York City Abdominoplasty Surgeons Discuss 5 Things to Expect in Your Consultation

What to Expect When Visiting Our Abdominoplasty NY and New York City Centers

  1. Why Do You Want This Surgery?

The most important thing is of course you’re entire reason for why you are there! What is the motive behind coming in for a tummy tuck? Whether age, major weight loss, or post-pregnancy brought you to us, we want to know. We will also evaluate whether you have a healthy body image and are seeking this procedure for the right reasons.

  1. What Kind of Medical State Are You Currently In?

We will want to know what kind of medications you are already taking and if you have any known drug allergies. It’s not always easy to name these things off-hand (since drug names can be pretty complicated!), so be sure you have your information ready to go. It may be a good idea to ask for a copy of your medical record from your primary care physician if you are being treated for a medical condition.

  1. Evaluation of Your Health Status

The next step is to evaluate your current health. The main criteria will be that you are within about 10-15 pounds of your goal weight and are not above 30 pounds overweight. These are crucial to the effectiveness of the surgery. It is best that you have your tummy tuck after weight loss goals are reached. Do you currently exercise on a regular basis? Do you eat healthily and take a multi-vitamin?

  1. Examination of Your Abdomen

As you should already be expecting, an examination of your stomach area will be needed so that our skilled abdominoplasty NY surgeons can assess your situation and discuss with an appropriate course of action.

  1. Discuss Options and Course of Treatment

This brings us to the options of treatment. There are several different abdominoplasty techniques that can be performed by one of our skilled Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York surgeons. They will decide which is right for you. You will be informed about the types of procedures available and about the specific one that is recommended for you.

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Therein lies the basics of your abdominal skin removal consultation and what to expect when you come in to see us. You now have the down-low on what will happen, so what is stopping you?

Contact us today to set up your free consultation at our abdominoplasty New York City or Long Island office! We look forward to hearing from you!

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